About the Jenner Wind Power Projects

The proposed Jenner Wind Power Projects are located near the town of Jenner in southeast Alberta. The projects are primarily located on cultivated land and will generate clean energy while allowing landowners to continue with their daily activities. They have an excellent wind resource that has been verified through multiple years of collected onsite wind data. Potentia Renewables Inc. (PRI) purchased the Jenner Wind Power Projects from Joss Wind Power Inc. on November 30, 2015. Each of the projects is now held in individual limited partnerships.

The projects involve the installation of wind turbines, an electrical collection system, access roads and the construction of a new collector substation, called the Halsbury 306S Substation. The wind turbines will be connected to the substation through a combination of 34.5 kilovolt (kV) above-ground and under-ground collector lines. The projects will connect to Alberta’s electric grid through a 14km 240kV transmission line identified as 949L.

The projects will have temporary laydown areas during construction for equipment storage. An operations and maintenance facility will be constructed for use during the life of the projects. The projects will require construction of new access roads and upgrades to existing roads in the area. These roads will transport materials for turbine assembly during the construction stage and allow access to turbines for regular maintenance during operation.

PRI will look to the local community where possible during construction for local trades and other business opportunities. It is anticipated that up to 300 construction jobs and 5 to 10 permanent local jobs will be created.

For more information about the wind turbines, substation and transmission interconnection please see our newsletters found under “Project Documents”.


The JWPP has a nameplate capacity of 122.4 megawatts (MW). On December 17, 2018 the project was awarded a power purchase contract by the Alberta Electric System Operator, an excellent milestone for the project. The original design proposed 36 turbine locations and received approval for them (and the associated infrastructure such as access roads and collector lines) from the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) in 2018. As a result of a proposed change in turbine technology, only 29 of these previously-approved locations are now required. A summary of the small project changes (including the reduction in turbines) will be submitted to the AUC in April 2019 for approval. These changes are summarized in our JWPP April 2019 newsletter below under “Project Documents”.

Construction of the JWPP is anticipated to begin in late 2019 with commercial operation of the project scheduled for mid-2021.



Project Documents

Jenner Wind Power Project

Jenner Wind Power Interconnect Project

Project Updates

April  2019

A Letter of Enquiry (LOE) for the proposed changes to the already-approved JWPP is being submitted to the AUC in April 2019.

The JWPPE application will be removed from abeyance and amended to separate the project into two phases to accommodate the power purchase contract from the AESO for a portion of the JWPPE. Amendments are also required for the turbine technology, number and location of turbines and other small changes. We anticipate submitting the amendment in May 2019.

The Halsbury Substation and the transmission line will be shared by the JWPP and JWPPE projects. An LOE is being submitted for proposed changes to the already-approved Halsbury Substation. No changes to the approved transmission line (interconnection) are required.

December 2018

Potentia Renewables Inc., through wholly owned subsidiaries, signed 20-year Renewable Energy Support Agreements with the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) for the JWPP and a portion of the JWPPE (to be known as JWPP2) as part of the AESO’s Renewable Electricity Program 3 procurement.

July 2018

Potentia Renewables Inc. received Alberta Utilities Commission Approvals on minor project amendments to the JWPP, Proceeding 23536.

December 2017

Potentia Renewables Inc. received approval from Special Areas Board 2 on the development permit for the JWPP.

June 2017

Potentia Renewables Inc. received all Alberta Utilities Commission Approvals for the JWPP, including Approvals for the preferred transmission line route. For more information and to view the AUC Approvals for the JWPP and its associated infrastructure, please visit and log in to www.auc.ab.ca. The Proceeding number for the JWPP project is 21394.

Potentia Renewables Inc. assigned the JWPP and JWPPE to a special purpose vehicle called the Jenner Wind Limited Partnership from Power Renewable Energy Corporation.

November 2016

Potentia Renewables Inc. filed an application with the Alberta Utilities Commission on March 3, 2016 (proceeding number 21394, application #21394-A001) requesting final Approvals of the 122.4 MW Jenner Wind Power Project.

May 2016

Potentia Renewables Inc. filed applications with the Alberta Utilities Commission on May 13, 2016 and May 19, 2016 requesting Approvals to construct and operate the Halsbury 306S Substation (proceeding number 21394, application #21394-A002), the Transmission Line 949L (proceeding number 21394, application #21394-A004) and to connect the JWPP to the Alberta Interconnected Electric System.

March 2016

Potentia Renewables Inc. filed an application with the Alberta Utilities Commission on March 3, 2016 (proceeding number 21394, application #21394-A001) requesting Approvals of a Phase I Buildable Area application for the 122.4 MW Jenner Wind Power Project.

November 2015

Potentia Renewables Inc. acquired the Jenner Wind Power Projects from Joss Wind Power Inc. through a subsidiary called Power Renewable Energy Corporation.

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Jenner Wind Limited Partnership (JWLP) by Jenner Wind GP Inc., its general partner, is a special purpose vehicle created by Potentia Renewables Inc. for the JWPP and JWPPE.

Potentia Renewables Inc. (PRI) is an independent power producer focused on developing, managing and operating renewable energy systems. PRI is a consolidation of two of Power Corporation of Canada’s wholly-owned solar and wind companies, Potentia Solar Inc. and Power Renewable Energy Corporation. Power Corporation of Canada is a diversified international management and holding company.

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